Thursday, January 3, 2013

Energy In, Energy Out

the prompt for the first day of the new year is "where do you get your energy?" those who know me probably would never think to ask that question. if you were to peek in at me on any given day you would most likely not catch me being energetic. i'm actually quite slothful much of the time. but the question stands and is a good one to consider as this new year begins.

energy begets energy and, while i enjoy lazing around with my dog, my knitting and my books, i have always respected the importance of exercise (especially to a woman of advancing age like myself) so i make it a priority to get some almost every day. i don't don any fancy exercise gear, and i normally don't squeeze myself into a crowded class with the spandex crowd to hooty-hoot and holler, but i do appreciate a hike in the woods, a brisk walk or a hard (solo) workout at the gym. in addition to feeling better physically, my emotional and psychological energy is boosted as well, and that is the energy that is most important to me at this time of my life. the biggest payoff of exercise for me is that i gain energy for writing and creating and engaging with others as well as the ability to climb stairs without groaning.

when my physical, emotional and social energy wanes (and it wanes more quickly these days) i need to sit quietly, with no companion but my dog. sometimes i knit, a zen experience for me. turning skeins into balls, patiently untangling the yarn when necessary, gazing at nothing in particular while my hands work, is centering and calming to me. as an introvert, i need that time alone to build up my reserves of energy again. tuck me into a corner and leave me with my dog and my yarn and some music and the needle in my tank begins to rise. or leave me to a good book and a few quiet hours and, before i know it, the tank is full. 


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  2. another soothing blog to read, linda. i like hearing what you are thinking about and like how you express your unique take on the world and life around you. keep writing!