Friday, September 28, 2012

and so it begins...

i really like the notion of the triple goddess, an ancient archetype of maiden, mother and crone. at this point in my life i'm ever so far from the "simple joys of maidenhood", and though my child-bearing years are long gone, i will forever embrace the jumble of emotions that come with motherhood. now i am at the garden gate that leads to the third phase, which brings with it the opportunity to evaluate my life, to process the past and let it go, and to muse over what may be ahead. while many hear the word crone and immediately think of a cranky, warty old woman like the witch in hansel and gretel, she is neither. she is a woman with a renewed perspective of what is important. the crone is wiser, calmer and more centered, less worried about what others think of her and more interested in the well-being of those around her and the world at large. 

for as long as i can remember, i have carried a hodgepodge of thoughts around in my head, having silent, private conversations about all manner of things. sometimes i can weave a few of them together into something of value, capturing it for my journal or a letter to a friend. my collection of blank books and special pens comforts me, and the aesthetics of the pen creating words on the blank page soothes me. as the words flow across the page something releases inside me and i feel relaxed and centered. a day without writing is like, well, a day without writing.

and so i begin the long overdue project of sifting through the flotsam in my mind. wish me luck.

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